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Donald Trump cancels February visit to UK

Still Waters

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Trump has an PR problem, an image problem caused by himself not the media, sure the media can be accused in some cases of blowing things out of proportion, but it is Trump who starts it most of the time, or is Trump tweets, Trumps press interviews (not sure how to call it, you know when a politician talks to a crowd of reporters), Trumps uncut interviews media inventions?
Those who keep calling  regular people who dislike Trump "sheeple" are themselves sheeple of a different kind, you just think you have more info then the rest or that you can see something that others for some reason cant or refuse to aknowledge, eveyone in some way or another ends up being a part of a sheeple tribe.
I dont hate Trump, but he is a piece of "Trampa" (portuguese word for crap) most of the time, and even his staff fails to help him see that speaking in a more decent manner will help greatly with public perception of his image, because you can still say what you think in a very clear way without being offensive, and no I am not referring to that political correctness crap.

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