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Hello and 3rd eye help

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Hello All,

I am here because I need help with a recent experience.

Recently, I worked on a large project with a guy who I've had feelings for a long time (hang in there) and there has always been a connection between us.

Shortly, after we finished our project I left for Asia for 6 months.

When I returned to the US I almost immediately began to experience pressure and tingling at the sight of my 3rd eye. Soon I began to feel certain sensations depending on what other people where feeling (yes, I suddenly became empathic) 

So, the guy I spoke of before, my new skills are somehow particularly strong when it comes to him. I can feel when he his thinking of me, when he is going to contact me.

I'm just trying to get an idea of what happened to my.  Why did my 3rd eye suddenly open and how is the guy connected to all of it? Any thoughts are welcome.


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John from Lowell


I suspect that your time back in Asia awkened your deeper awareness in some way and that reflected in the opening of your 3rd eye. Once that was done you are able to sense all energies better and as a result telepathically know when he will be contacting you. Usually the energy of our intentions to become more aware triggers that actual experience. It Could be connected to this guy because it was he who inspired you do that.



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