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I once saw a ghost (prose)

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Forever lost and at what cost?

As if you need to ask when we know

The price of being found is being lost

Finder's fee is the greatest reward 

Babies looking up to us lost will grow


Are you a know it all when you fall?

As if we need to pick you up again

Telling you that finders keepers is all

Lovers and losers, creepers and weepers

I kiss the stamp even if I only click send


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hmm buh-dye-yum (repeat as you like)


sailors set watch for winds and wards

ships on seas dry as city food deserts

mountain camps with folk pray words

for them and us not versus but all hurts


flirt with death at the end of your rope

skirt left she had her brood to caretake

curses also left will you figure it out first

searches for all-life lead us to less hate


yet you were the one that had to leave

like many before you in depths ill ease

set a space by a window by light breeze

hike streets stand by lots closed+empty




set watch = w

w = winds + wards

watch = winds + set wards

(watchmen set wards to invite blesses in the winds)


skirt - curses = figuring it out first 

also equals

all-life = searches

(the all-life watches over the watchmen and by doing so the all-life searches)


set a space = s

s × window × light + breeze

also equals

hike streets + stand × empty lots + closed lots

(sit by a window and the winds and lights will draw you to abandoned spaces which seem closed but by your presence are open)



q. who will watch over the watchmen?

a. metatron is a collective so when called for many will come.

c. when summoning an ascended master by simply asking them to visit, they will, as summoning is simply an invitation given by royals and nobles, by you.



c. folk knowledge

t. many gifts have been given out by known this simple bit of trivia.

q. what is under your bed?

a. milk and cookies for the devil.


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fire starters


stop and drop the accelerant

rolling flames lick ground floors

and crops that fell out of rotation


stop for running fans the rants

drop not your hate but your core

and roll as stones not with information



fire retardants

you are information

do you control you?

you can partake

in creation too


the narrative changed

editing the game

married to it for she

is reality by any name


came down the mountain

on all the white horses

how many are there?

reds, blacks, and pales too


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