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FISA memo set to end collusion investigation


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10 hours ago, Farmer77 said:

Hang on you're somewhat misrepresenting the facts here :lol:

The bolded is a quote from a Ruport Murdoch employed journalist who made that claim in a tweet with ZERO other information. Not actually information from Horowitz himself. 

Of course it is, no one but the principals have seen the report which is why I said "reportedly".   If you think that statement is wrong then dismiss it , I could not care less.

10 hours ago, Farmer77 said:

Now that I think about it its a claim about a document that the source material for the article you posted says anyone who saw had to sign an NDA. Wouldn't that mean that there's a "leaker" ?  Shouldn't you be mad about that like you are all the others ?   :lol:

Which leaks have I been mad about?  

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