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The search for Ankhsenamun

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The tomb of King Tutankhamun's wife Ankhesenamun may soon be discovered. Archaeologists have reportedly begun excavations in an area of the Valley of the Kings, which is suspected to be the location of the Ankhesenamun's final resting place.

Famed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, who formerly served as the minister of state for antiquities affairs, announced on his website that the search for Ankhesenamun's tomb has begun with new excavations at the West Valley, also known as the Valley of the Monkeys. The tomb is believed to be located close the tomb of King Tutankhamun's successor, the Egyptian pharaoh Ay.

Clues to the location of the tomb came with the discovery of four foundation caches in the arm of the Valley of Kings known as the "Valley of the Monkeys" (or Valley of the Baboons, after images found there.)

A very... breathless... version of this news story appears in the Daily Mail:


And yes, Hawass legitimately has a firman to dig there.  The Egyptian government gives preferences on firmans to teams headed by or associated with Egyptian archaeologists and professionals... and frankly, I think that's as it should be.  

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It would be interesting to know the manner of her demise if it can be determined, and if she got much older. If they actually locate her that is. Another of those extreme cold cases.  

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