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Joe Meek warns Buddy Holly

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Joe Meek was a music producer from the 1950’s. While this did make him famous for his producing, it is was also on good accounts that he was very much involved in the occult. He was known for his weird warnings, one of which sort of came true. While talking to Buddy Holly, Joe Meek warned him that he would die on February 3rd, 1958. When the 4th of February 1958 came, Buddy told him that he was still kicking. I would say, don’t speak so soon. 364 days later, on February 3rd of 1959, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash. The day is now known as ‘The Day Music Died’.

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The Skeptic Eric Raven

Meek also murdered his land lady and then killed himself.

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I've heard two versions of this - the one related here, and the other one is that in late January / early February 1958, Meek got given the prediction that Buddy Holly would die.  Soon.  As in, the next few days..  It was only about a year later when Buddy Holly was killed (3 Feb 1959) that this became a story/legend.  It's pretty easy to see how someone who wanted it to be a better story, would say that the days matched, but was that even the day predicted by the fortune-teller, or was it when Meek visited them?

I've tried quite hard to get back to any citable / verifiable evidence that this happened at all, let alone what dates were given to Meek if any, etc.  Does anyone have some referential proof, or is this just a cool story bro?  No-one seems to be able to name the person, presumably close to Meek or Meek himself, that told the story first..  Truax seems to be pushing his new-ish song.


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