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Marion Jenis

Theosophy and Dimensions 3 Through 6

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Marion Jenis

While the word Theosophy with an upper-case “T” refers to an organization and its teaching founded by Helena Blavatsky in 1875, the same word with a lower-case “t” can refer to any esoteric teaching of the type called the “ageless wisdom”. We may refer to the Master Koot Hoomi or Kuthumi for expertise in this wisdom in both its specific and general aspects. It was essentially Koot Hoomi who imparted The Secret Doctrine to Madam Blavatsky, and with it an analysis of the changing shape of the wisdom teachings through time for different races and sub-races. But although the race theories in Madam Blavatsky’s magnum opus had a startling and rather unfortunate effect upon theosophy in the 20th century, Koot Hoomi’s gaze was predominantly backward. Madam Blavatsky knew---and told us---that the Mahatma had studied in European universities, but no one knew where until I asked him where and what he studied. He told me that he was a student at the Sorbonne in Paris and that he had received his PhD in history. Specifically, he wrote his thesis on esoteric groups and their teachings throughout European history. Given this historical emphasis, The Secret Doctrine is likely to be a summation of past teachings. If it is not a summation it will at least tend to differ from theosophy’s past in a self-conscious manner. 

My discussion of the 6 dimensions of theosophical teaching is essentially an exposition of my own ideas, but these ideas were initially inspired by Koot Hoomi. I hope that these ideas will seem self-evident once they have been enunciated. We are all familiar with the first 4 dimensions, height, width, depth, and time. It was Albert Einstein, as we know, who popularized the idea that the 4th dimension is time. The first 3 dimensions manifest the potential of the 1st which is existence in space. The second group of 3, dimensions 4 through 6, manifest the potential of the 4th, which is existence in time. The 3rd dimension adds physical reality to an archetypal presence. We may classify Osiris, Dionyssus, Adonis, and Attis as “Christs” in an archetypal sense, and they have often been called “pagan Christs”. To their 2-dimensional reality (as myth or story) Jesus adds the 3rd dimension of actual or empirical existence. He is significant to us precisely because he did so. In him the mystery drama entailing the death and rebirth of the ego as the divine self was enacted upon the stage of world events.

What theosophy can do, and what I would like to see it do, is add a discussion of time to the rather static exposition of religion and philosophy as they are usually taught. In the 4th dimension we see that a particular movement or teaching occurred at a moment that was prepared for it and it alone. In the 4th dimension we ask about the teleology of a religion or philosophy. When the prophet or the teacher speaks he gives us a seed---and it is our task to ask what the seed can and must do through the subsequent centuries. Take Islam, for example. Despite its popularity and rapid growth, most people find it unacceptable as a religion if considered only in its beginnings. When we behold the plant that resulted from the seed---for the purposes of this discussion the Sufi brotherhoods---we gain a more complete awareness of what Islam really is. If we cling to a 3-dimensional model of thought we will constantly ask ourselves how various Sufi teachings and practices can be justified. In a sense then, 4th dimensional analysis requires a “leap of faith” into the dimension of time as a real and valid factor in our thought. It is not, however, a leap into irrationality.

In the 5th dimension of thought we take up the 2nd dimensional analysis of a moment in history as myth or archetypal story, with the addition of time as a factor. In the 6th dimension we see this myth in its physical or empirical reality, just as we did in the 3rd dimension. Teleology, or the study of potentials through time, invites us to ask rather broadly what the purpose of a religion or philosophy might be through the centuries and even millenia of its existence. Is it intellectual or emotional in its achievement? Let me give as an example the behavior of a couple, perhaps a husband and wife, whom I saw as I walked to the library this morning. They were holding hands and exchanged a few words now and then, but nothing (so far as I could tell) that they discussed amounted to much in terms of ideas. Their relationship was fulfilled at that moment in feeling or emotion. The fact that they had a relationship was the important thing, and the otherwise insignificant things that they said to each other (“Look at the bird” might be an example) were important because they helped the couple experience and feel their intimacy. To take the example of Islam again, its teleology has led it to fulfillment through poetry, calligraphy, architecture, and the like. If we ignore this dimension of the religion, a dimension that can only be seen in its fullness through its history, we will undervalue what was given in its beginnings. In other words, if you don’t know Rumi it will be easy to criticize the Qur’an, but if you do know him you will look and listen and be loath to speak.


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Atamarie Learned Friend..

This Means, Peace to your Day, or Peace in the Light..

Thankyou for your Mind in Words.. I feel very blessed to read your post.. I have always wanted to Read Isis Unveiled, by Miss Blavatsky, alas I have never been able to... Secret Doctrine, I read a little..  I have reached Duality in my life, and I know of these Dimensions, I may have a Different spin on it, but that is what it is to be Unique, this is how it is meant to be.. I am able to tune in to most Dimensions up to 13D..Believe or Not, that is your Will.. The Beautiful Golden Soul known as Jesus, was the Whole reason I reached Duality.. Through his Nature and Purest Love, I unlocked a Door and things have Never been the Same.. This happened last Year in May the 23rd..

I Am fully Alive now, I know my Role in this Lifetime and it is to teach of the Unseen Energetic Realm, that most humans Deny, because they are Entrenched too Deeply in this 3rd and 4th Dimension of Physicality... We must Wake up!! There is work to be Done..

Light and Dark within must be Tamed and then Combined, Directed from the Directive of the Heart, who is Queen, ..

In a Sense ....The Trinity..!!


Peace and Golden Blessings on You and Yours..xx

*MauriOra.. xx

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2 hours ago, Marion Jenis said:

if you don’t know Rumi it will be easy to criticize the Qur’an, but if you do know him you will look and listen and be loath to speak.

Do you speak and read Persian and Oghuz?

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