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Any Willow Creek sightings?

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Willow Creek CA is considered the Bigfoot capital of the world, but I was curious if anyone knew of any compelling encounters that took place in the area other than the Bluff Creek Patterson/Gimlin saga? I was able to travel through the area recently on my way to Mt. Shasta -- itself a prime Bigfoot location apparently-- and it looks incredibly dense and prime Sasquatch territory. Unfortunately, I've just never heard of any other sightings. Curious if anyone could lend insight to why its the capital other than Patt/Gimlin? On a side note, definitely, try to make it out there at least once. It has such a nestled mountain feel and is completed dotted with all kinds of  murals , art, homages, puns, and a cool statue in just about every parking lot and resident yard.  Very quirky place :) 

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