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Space Telescope To Be Cancelled

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NASA budget proposal seeks to cancel WFIRST


The Trump administration is offering $19.9 billion for NASA in its fiscal year 2019 request, while seeking to cancel a flagship astronomy mission and end NASA funding of the International Space Station in 2025.

A key cut included in the proposal, released Feb. 12, is cancelling the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), the agency’s next flagship astrophysics mission after the James Webb Space Telescope. NASA had been in the midst of revising the mission’s design to lower its costs from an estimated $3.9 billion to $3.2 billion.

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52 minutes ago, Waspie_Dwarf said:

NASA budget proposal seeks to cancel WFIRST


These are tough calls to make as to the appropriate thing to do. It's easy to knee jerk and cry foul. 

Cost over runs in a project of this scope are pretty normal but when its 30% already this early on I have to wonder if there were flaws in the concept. Still if up to me I would choose to spend the money as long as the project is truly feasible. Hubble was a total disaster in the expense department and look how that turned out in the end.

Perhaps this is also an attempt to push future projects into the private sector. 

I'm a little concerned that privately funding ISS will corrupt the mission to more businesslike pursuits. It's another catch 22. In some ways it could clear away bureaucratic nonsense about the project. If the project becomes profitable at some point the visionaries will be replaced by bean counters. I can't see that being very good for anyone but the corporate suits.

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