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Is my intuition trying to tell me something?

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I don't really know how to make sense of all of this so I was hoping someone on here will be able to give additional insight from their own experiences or help me make sense of what is happening. 

I wouldn't call myself a psychic per se, but I have always had some level of spiritual understanding and intuition that has left me dumbfounded at times. About two years ago I kept having dreams of someone entering into my life, I remember being with that person and feeling an emotional connection to them only to wake up and realize that I had never met that person in real life. I meditated over it and for months the person never came back into my dreams until one night they showed up again. I remember thinking to myself, who is this person? I need a name and as I said this to myself the name came to my mind in the dream as if I had known it all along. I woke up the next morning thinking if there was anyone I knew with this name. (It's a common name) but I realized that I didn't. I got on twitter and typed in the name and searched through people with this name to see if anyone sparked any type of emotion. (None, but I followed them anyway thinking something would come of it) Months passed and I had forgotten all about it, until one day I received multiple notifications on my twitter account. I clicked the person's profile, it was someone I wasn't following and had never seen before. I looked at their name. It was the same name that had come to me in my dream. Fast forward a bit we ended up dating for several months and later broke up. 

In September of this year I had a strong sense that something was about to happen. I couldn't place my finger on it but I felt the same way as I did before with the person from my dreams. I tried to listen to my intuition to see if it would tell me what was about to happen but my intuition was silent. Then a few days later as I was going about my day and thinking of other things, it suddenly came to me. Someone important was about to enter into my life. Someone who I was going to be with. It creeped me out for a second, It was like a strong sense of knowing, like my soul knew something was going to happen before it happened. I didn't have anything to go off about this person, I didn't know their name, I didn't know what they looked like or how I would meet them and I think that was the point. Every night before I went to bed I talked to this part of my soul and told it to show me who this person was going to be like it did before in one of my dreams. Every morning I would wake up disappointed that it didn't reveal itself to me like it had before. I knew someone important to my life was coming but I didn't know when or how or who it was going to be. For several weeks I was frustrated until I just gave up on it. I thought, okay forget it, I'm obviously not finding out the details so I guess it will happen when it happens. 

In October, while at work I received a slight tap on my shoulder. "Excuse me, can you tell me where the locks are?" I turned around and met eyes with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and felt a strange sense like I knew her from somewhere. Before I could really think what any of that meant I told her what aisle they were on and went about my day. I remember thinking to myself something along the lines of "I wish girls like her came into my work everyday." I ended up forgetting about that girl, I saw various pretty girls at school, and at work and didn't really give it much thought. Until I saw her in my dream. It wasn't a very long dream. We were on a date, laughing and eating. I felt connected to her, like I had known her my whole life. Then just like that she was gone. I woke up feeling confused. It had been a week or so since I saw or thought of this girl. Why was I dreaming of her now? I attributed it to, the mind does crazy things and makes up crazy scenarios while we're asleep and left it at that. But, as much as I tried to push it away my intuition told me that that wasn't it. My intuition was telling me that was the person that I had sensed coming a month before. But how? and what? I had only seen this girl once and would likely never see her again. She just came into my work to get a lock and that was it, she was gone. Why was my intuition telling me that she was the person I had felt coming if I'd probably never run into her again? I went to work either that day or the day after and wondered why my intuition was going off about her. Maybe she would stop in again, maybe she would return the lock because it didn't work and I'd run into her like that. It was a ridiculous thought but I felt like it was the only way my intuition would be validated. (Even though I was still doubting my intuition at this point) 

I walked into the break room to put my stuff in my locker. As I walked into the break room, sitting at one of the tables, was the girl. I was slightly taken aback and a little freaked out. She was looking down at her phone and looked up as she heard me enter the room. She smiled at me and I smiled. I made some small talk with her and she told me that she started working at my work a couple days before. Wow, I couldn't believe it. I felt weird but also oddly amused by my intuition. I was friendly with her but kept my distance because I was freaked out. After meeting her I had a strong sense that we were going to be together but it wasn't going to be that easy something was going to get in the way. I couldn't make sense of this so I kept it friendly until one day one of my friends from work casually mentioned to the girl that I thought the girl was pretty and wanted to know if she was single (I never told my friend to do this) The girl replied that she was single and that she was open. I took this opportunity to approach her and find out what my intuition was trying to tell me. I gave her my number. Two days passed. Crap, I felt stupid. Why did I give her my number? I probably freaked her out and she wasn't interested. I brushed it aside and just decided that I would act normal when I saw her at work again. She wasn't interested and I respected that. Until, I received a text. I thought it was one of my friends replying to the funny meme I had just sent to them. I viewed my texts to see. "Hey this is (insert name) from work." We talked for a bit and I asked her if she wanted to hang out and go to lunch. She said yes and the next day at work she approached me and made casual conversation. I felt a little weird still because my friend told her I was wondering if she was single and didn't want her to think that that was all I was interested in. I couldn't shake the feeling that she was the one that my intuition sensed coming but I also had a probing feeling that it wasn't going to be that easy, we were going to be together but something was going to hinder that. I didn't understand that feeling because it was going so well. She kept my number I wrote in chicken scratch handwriting on a crumbled piece of paper, she said yes to hanging out, always said hi and talked to me at work. Then boom. Just like my intuition told me, it stopped. She got into a minor car accident and after that started acting very strange. She avoided me at work, no longer replied to my texts and seemed very removed so I backed off. I let a couple months go by, I didn't want to push it. If she wasn't interested then that was okay. But then it came to me again in my dream. This was the setback that my intuition was telling me there would be. I wish I had an ending to this story but unfortunately I don't. We had a brief period of awkwardness at work but have recently been more friendly. I wish I knew why I felt like we are going to be important people to each other's lives and why I have these feelings but I don't. 

Has anyone else had intuitive feelings of someone coming into their life before it happens? Why do I feel a connection to this person?


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Welcome to UM angel :st Please, take time to check out some threads, read the site rules, and enjoy your time here on UM :tu: 

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences, you have certainly given us a lot of info to mull over and discuss. There’s a wide spectrum of beliefs and knowledgeable folks here.

I think a lot of folks have moments of intuition and dreams about things and people in ways our conscious mind does not wander off into often in our daydreams. 

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2 minutes ago, rashore said:

I think a lot of folks have moments of intuition and dreams about things and people in ways our conscious mind does not wander off into often in our daydreams. 

Because before we hit the top of the food chain our hominid ancestors were prey. That intuition kept us alive when we had to look over our shoulders. Some people are still wired strong with it.

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