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Not A Rockstar

Ghost Pics and Imagery Question

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Not A Rockstar

Honest question, no agenda at all. I have been involved with the paranormal for decades, generally working alone, generally with a Christian Mysticism/ Occultic orientation. I see spirits at times, and hear them at times also. My goals did not require me to bother with trying to take pictures or recordings. 

I browse these forums and blogs and have finally come to really want to know if people think capturing a ghost in a picture is assumed to need some sort of visual white noise for them to work with? I hear that argument with various talking machines on shows but the pictures.... dim leaves in a tree and paraedolia inspired face inside the tree at a wacky angle? Vague maybe eye dimness in a smoke puff? Is it truly seen these days as taking that effort to spot a ghost or spirit in a picture if it is real? 

I have seen some pictures I know are real, I can feel them almost as if I was standing there when they were, and none of those are like this. Can some of you investigators help me out with current thought on capturing entities on film? I am not a sceptic, just one over the vast bulk of the pictures I am finding, and would like to know. Thank you.

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I never even tried. My people are very secretive about our spiritual practices and activities. I just give out information because I was burnt and I've gone "rogue"

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Not A Rockstar

Hey there Piney :). Respect and thanks for posting on my question.

I just am in a snit over the pictures I have reviewed today probably. (LOL or maybe just in a snit anyway). The times I have run into the real deal it had NO trouble being in my face and obvious. None of this "maybe it is a branch maybe it is an arm cr*p". I don't really buy into the white noise stuff for audio either but am willing to allow that as I do not work that way I am no expert. If I want to talk with an entity I don't reach for a recorder as what I hear is not for anybody else anyway. I wish I still had it now, but the ONE pic I ever took of the really beautiful Vodou altar at a service I was at turned out to show a lwa front and center (well hovering over it actually for me) and blew me away, so I feel it is fair to expect that pictures can and should be a lot better than I typically see before they warrant being taken seriously. JMO.

Nobody else has responded yet, so I guess that will be my story and I am sticking to it now :D.


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