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Still Waters

Cheap antique turns out to be Ice Age relic

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Still Waters

A LUCKY Irishman could become €30,000 richer after learning that a cheap antique he bought on holiday is made from a prehistoric piece of rhino horn.

George Mealy bought the figurine over a decade ago in a Moroccan antique shop for 600 dirhams, which works out at around €52.75.

Mr Mealy, who originally thought the relic was made from wood, has now been told it is actually part of a 25,000-year-old horn from a mammal that lived during the last Ice Age.


According to Google: €52.75 = £46.66 = 65.45 USD

€30,000 = £26534.22 = 37222.20 USD

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That's really cool. Tbh I'd think it'd be worth a lot more than that. Anyone got a spare 40k I can borrow? I swear I'm good for it or you'll never see me again...

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Princess Serenity

I hope he donates it to a museum. What an amazing find! Where did the people actually get it from? I'm sure it passed hundreds of hands before his.

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