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Random flash of light

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I’d like to share a quick unexplained experience I witnessed a few years ago that today I still wonder what exactly happened. So, a few years ago I lived in a different house (a duplex) and I remember I woke up at about 2-3am and I clearly recall seeing a bright small orb like thing flash from my closet which was right by my bed. I sat up and directly stared at the light and saw that it slowly started to die down. It was almost like a camera flash but it was so strange because I felt nothing as I looked at it, I didn’t feel scared. Once the flash orb-like thing disappeared I went back to bed. The next morning I looked into my closet and found nothing. Could it have been some sort of spirit? Possibly even a “guardian angel”? It was so crazy though because the flash was so bright but it didnt seem to light up the whole room, it’s hard to explain but to this day I still wonder what was it that I saw. To add on, my mother apparently kept her own experiences away from me but I have overheard her mention how she used to feel prescences around her at night but it was like a safe feeling as if someone was watching over her...anyway yeah! That’s my little experience :)

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Not A Rockstar

Welcome to UM Cinn :)

IMO it is impossible to say now what it may have been. Some light from outside, a reflection, simple dreamstuff as you were waking when you saw it. 

I would say to let it be a memory which means how you took it at the time, something that was no threat and interested you and took to mean something positive. No harm in that. 

again, welcome :)

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