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Rampart street haunting

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This is also related to the true crime community, but I’m incredibly absorbed in this case.

There was an episode of paranormal lockdown done on this maybe you’ve seen it ? 

but the case of Zack and Addie is insane and macabre (google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about), they were living above a voodoo and spriritualist temple when the murder took place, now I know that voodoo isn’t inherently bad or to inflict harm but do you guys think that maybe where they were living amplified the fragile mind states of the two? 

There is supposedly a little boy ghost there too who was said to be a slave and witnessed everything and his spirit went from playful to frightened and when investigators went there to do a session on the 10th anniversary, Zack and Addie seemed to come through too.

Hopefully some of you are up to discuss :)


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Sorry Kota, we don’t allow cross posting on UM, and you did just start a topic about this in the true crime section.

Thread closed.

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