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Ghosts saying things to me

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A month ago which would be January I just got off the bus and I un-locked the door and right away when I walked in I heard a little girl in my ear whisper no. Then last month sometime my friend Keely and April came over and there was a thump in my closet and the doors were open and nothing fell so we ran downstairs and hid in the living room and then April ran upstairs to get her tablet and when she was up there she screamed and ran downstairs and she had told us that a little girl whispered in her ear saying No then we both decided to text a friend named Kendra and we had video called her but my friend Keely had left with her dad. Then this month as I was taking a shower a little girl whispered in my ear saying my name but i didn't reply because at that time I didn't think much of it.

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