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Missing Time

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Has anyone else ever found theyve missing time? where it seems they blink and suddenly its hours later? ive heard this is often linked to alien abduction and extra-terrestrial business!!! i was curious as to what other people thought the phenomenon may mean or if theyve ever experienced anything like it!!!

I myself have experienced it one (1) time, where i was staring at my digital clock (at around 6 at night) and i blinked and suddenly it was much later (8 o'clock). i thought perhaps i had been looking at number at a strange angle and when i blinked i moved and was now seeing them correctly, or perhaps i had fallen asleep!! but neither of those things made sense as when i blinked i had been sitting up in bed and i never moved from that spot. perhaps i was hallucinating? i have no idea!

anyway! missing time! if anyone knows anything id love to hear!!!

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I did.. a whole week of my life.. went to bed on a tuesday.. woke up wed morning.. only to find it was wed of the following week..


mind you.. no aliens.. to much whiskey and drugs *grins* 

went to work.. went out with my friends.. went out with the girl friend.. just do not remember that week.. 

after that.. I went cold turkey.. was a tea teetotaller for 10 years after that.. also gave up the weed etc as well.. have not gone back on that.. mining.. random drug tests.. all that kind of guff.. 

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