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Cam Gibb

What is and isn't likely

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Cam Gibb

Thx for sharing reasonable "food for thought". Well written. Explained well. I too have been shown proof of spirit realm by passed over family members and friend. Friend shadow figure in very low light,within about week of death, I awoke during night to see at bedroom doorway, wave and walk away, repeating 3 times. Just enough medium and dark grey and black between me and slightly lighter background to make out blurry face, hair style, suspenders. Many yrs later, Mom, similar shading with lighter background wall and closet doors, awoke from sleep for unknown reason again. Could make out hairstyle, eye patch and head scarf. She motioned 3 times with hands, something. Not sure what. Maybe throw away give up ciggs. Or get out of there and back where I was before. I raised hand just to say hi. I wasn't yet considering if she suggesting something to me. She dropped arms to side and tilted head as if dissapointed, maybe that I wasn't understanding her. Slowly vanished. I later researched and became aware of dream echoes where you wake but still see bit of it for maybe 20 secs. So I couldn't be sure. Also learned some people can't move and may think they're feeling being touched. This too is dream state effect. But I thought, she was interactive it seemed, seeming dissapointed when I just waved instead of knodding understood. But I thought our dreams are just as interactive as our brain imagines us having such interactions. The 3rd experience was the clencher. Cousin passed. 1 I had spent fair amount of time with being taught stuff by him and just goofing around. I was going thru photo album of him telling son about those times. The overhead light flashed off and on 3 times then stayed on. Looked up and said thx cuz. Son had been living with me for 1/2 yr, knew that light bulb had not been changed nor done that before. Nor did it ever since. We checked if it could be turned in a bit incase loose. Nope, tight. Had been on for hr or 2 so not from being turned on. No one else there to prank us. We decided, even though bulbs can do that once in a blue moon, that it happened that specific time and never before, was NOT A COINCIDENCE. 

  I don't think I'd say all ghost shows, mediums and psychics are faked. It's gotta be often many boring hrs with little if anything. So, in the "spirit" of promoting spirits, as well as viewer enjoyment and ratings, it's understandable and to be expected, a percentage of stuff will be "added". You'll either be enthused and think wow, cool, or be thinking discussing laughing about ok how'd they do that. ;-) I do suspect that for spirit to do much more then shadowy appearance, emf sensor trigger, maybe energy drawing cooling effect possibly picked up by thermal cam, is likely rare. To touch, knock, push, is likely more then most if any can do. Granted, making bulb go off and on 3 times then stay on is something more. Son and I pondered how might they do that. 

  But for a spirit to do amplitude modulation (am radio wave), frequency modulation (fm wave), or make audio wave without vocal cords, or get in to pc chips of devices to pick words from computer code, seems unlikely. ;-) Wow factor for some. Entertaining for others. ;-) Emf maybe. But wirh video editing, zoomed in only shots, viewer can't be sure magnets aren't used, or the lights are actually triggered with remote control. A super magnet could be in hand or cuff. ;-)

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This is why many ghost hunters don't bring real occultists in. They would ruin their circus. 

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