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Black Monk

The couple who invented the Mile High Club

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Black Monk

Throwing kisses as the vast crowd below went wild, the first Englishwoman to fly rose slowly over the Thames in her hot air balloon on a balmy June afternoon in 1785.

Early flight was all about showbusiness and no one was more at home in the limelight than Letitia Sage, a voluptuous West End actress whose plunging neckline brought va-va-voom to the balloon.

Letitia had dressed to impress in a low-cut plum dress and a large hat adorned with plumes of white feathers. Her cleavage was barely veiled in flimsy gauze. And her landmark voyage with a gentleman companion named George Biggin in a giant Union Jack balloon was to create a sensation that had little to do with flight...


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Captain Risky

luckily those early balloons had room for two otherwise the phrase 'mile high club' would have been replaced by 'autopilot club' B)

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