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Nightmares - Maze - Two Snakes Meet

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When I was a child I had the same recurring nightmare.  Once or twice a week until I was about 12 years old.  It was always the same horrible nightmare.  I'm looking down at a maze like this one (below) and I hear about 20 voices talking over each other and no sense at all can be made from their words.  I then see two snakes enter the maze (one is black and the other is grey).  The snakes have no actual detail.  They are just long rectangle 2D images going around the maze as I look down at it.  As they get closer and closer inside the maze the voices around me get faster and faster and louder, and I then realize they are all talking to me, but I still can't understand a word they are saying as they are overlapping each other faster and faster as the snakes get closer to each other.  When the snakes meet in the middle there is a moment of absolute silence.  It feels like my heart is racing and then stops and I am holding my breath, and then two of the voices cry out together in one long outward breath - "Oooooooh!" and everyone is angry because I did not stop it.  The nightmare then restarts and happens two or three more times and then I wake up in a cold sweat.  Sometimes I would wake up and hit the pillow or bolt up out of bed and plead with myself to stop having those nightmares as I started to cry.  Eventually they just stopped when I was 12 years old.  Note - I moved house the same year the nightmares stopped.  Don't know if that has any significance.  Anyone have nightmares like that and do you know what caused them?  All I know is, I felt a horrible evil presence every time I had those nightmares.  I felt like I wanted to get out of there and I did not want to look at the snakes getting closer, but I was powerless to stop it, and they just kept getting closer and closer and there was nothing I could do except watch, and when they met in the middle the crowd grew angry at me and I felt guilty for allowing it to happen, yet it was not within my power to stop it, yet I also felt like I could control the snakes and keep them away, but they kept finding another path and reaching the middle again with the voices getting garbled faster and faster.  I then hear the silence and hear two of them cry out again as I failed to stop the snakes meeting and I panic and wake up.




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