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Rare footage shows elusive Greenland shark


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  • The title was changed to Greenland shark caught on film in rare footage

They're fascinating and beautiful creatures considering they're so elusive and can live for hundreds of years. I hope we can continue to admire them from a distance without damaging their way of life. ^_^

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18 hours ago, flabbins said:

I've seen lots of footage?

I'm fairly sure the 'elusive' part is due to it having not been caught on film until 1995 (plus a further 15-20 years before one was filmed in the wild). ^_^

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20 hours ago, flabbins said:

Jeremy Wade caught one on River Monsters?

I'm just going to assume you didn't read my post. Lol. ^_^

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Hmm. Why do I get the feeling this conversation doesn't appear to be working properly. :lol:

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