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17 years of Unexplained Mysteries


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I have been watching this site form its beginnings. It has been much fun to read and offer many things for conversation. Information is the key. It is all part of the Human Leveraging Paradigm. 

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Thanks to you @Saru.

Hands down: My favorite, most visited, and most contributed to website.

Facebook etc. has been left in the dust, only useful for catching up with friends or otherwise. 

Edit: And of course, thanks to the other mods and members too. No matter how productive or futile our arguments may have been! (And will continue be in the future...)

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On 8/17/2018 at 11:05 PM, sci-nerd said:

I wish I'd found this place years ago. How did you elude me for so long?

The same thing here. I have a feeling that I missed a lot.

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