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Still Waters

X-ray probe to save Mary Rose cannonballs

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Still Waters

The Mary Rose went on display in the newly-revamped Mary Rose museum exactly 471 years after it perished in the Solent, just outside Portsmouth Harbour, on July 19, 1545.

Scientists are using powerful X-rays to help preserve 1,200 cannonballs found on Henry VIII's ship, the Mary Rose, nearly 500 years after it perished.

The cannonballs, which are the largest assemblage of cast iron shot from Tudor England, are currently kept away from public gaze in low humidity containers.

Having spent centuries in the sea outside Portsmouth Harbour, they are permeated with chlorine - which means they will corrode if put on display.


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Not A Rockstar

Chlorine!!?? That never would have crossed my mind. 

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Black Monk

A beautiful ship in Henry VIII's navy sunk by those nefarious Frenchies.

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