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Kaikoura lights still intrigue 40 years on

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Hmmm... good one.

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I remember when this hit the headlines; at the age of 20 at the time I thought: 'could be anything'

I look at it now & still think: 'could be anything'

I guess rehashing 40 year old cases is all one can do seeing there's nothing new worth talking about.

Oh well= hope springs eternal ;)

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That’s some pretty compelling footage.

Looks like a pretty early Potato-Cam iteration, most likely pre Potato Cam v1.3.

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While this case has some interesting aspects, there's is one particularly damning aspect, and that is that film which was *supposedly* taken by a highly experienced cameraman.

There are two (well, OK, sorta three) important and highly relevant things that EVERY experienced cameraman knows:

1. cameras need to be held very, very still or the objects in scene will wiggle around a lot in the frame, potentially at quite high angular speeds.  (We might come back to that word 'angular' later, as it is vitally important in this case...)

1.a. Also, if there is no background information contained in a shot, then you cannot possibly determine speeds of objects captured in movie imagery, as those speeds may be camera-shake induced (and in this case it was shot from a moving aircraft..).  Funnily enough, there are almost no segments of the film where this both an object and anything in the background...

2. If the object you are filming is out of focus (and a small change in distance or even zooming the lens slightly can easily cause that), then the object will 'bloom out' into a fuzzy 'blob' - a shape that is dependent on aperture size and setting, optics design, and other factors  These blobs of light may also bounce around in the lens causing 'lens flares'.  The shapes of these o-o-f blobs, and any details inside those shapes, have virtually NOTHING to do with the shape or internal detail of the actual object.


NONE of those things were discussed or even acknowledged by that supposedly professional team of journo's and photographer, led by Quentin Fogarty, who doesn't seem to want to talk about it since...

Why?  Well, either they are incompetent, or they were told to keep their dam mouths shut and not spoil a good mystery :D - well, that's my theory anyways...

Much more can be found here and on the next few pages on a general ufo thread, when the Kaikoura case was brought up:

Unfortunately :) at that thread, you will find me at my hard nose best....  Note that even the TrueBeliever 'MacGuffin' had to concede he had no idea what the blobs were, where they were, or how fast they were going... 

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