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Still Waters

On the 29th birthday of the World Wide Web

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Still Waters

Happy birthday to the World Wide Web!

Or conception day, maybe - which was 12 March 1989. The WWW was officially invented 29 years ago today when Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote his proposal for a new information system at CERN.

"Vague, but exciting," his supervisor wrote on the cover of the document, laconically greeting an invention which would transform the world's economy - and its society too.


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Keel M.

A few weeks ago I pulled down the annual for my final year at college. I had forgotten that I wrote some stuff for the book and also had articles I'd written for the newspaper included. One of the articles was about a class I was one of the first to take about the World Wide Web. This was in 1994. The name of the class was Global Communication. I remember spending lots of time in class surfing the web such as it was then: very, very light on graphics. I don't think I'd ever realized how new it still was back then.

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