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Still Waters

Michelangelo hid caricature of self in sketch

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Still Waters

Hidden in a drawing by one of the world's most famous artists is a secret signature, a new study has revealed.

A self-portrait of Michelangelo Buonarroti, camouflaged for centuries in a drawing made by the artist in honour of his friend, Vittoria Colonna, has been rediscovered.

During Michelangelo’s time there were many restrictions on artists and their work, including the stipulation that they should not sign their creations.

The caricature, which may have been a way to get round this rule, could offer insight into the artist's body and even his health, the researcher says.


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Posted (edited)

Nice, but it doesn't look like Michelangelo to me. It looks like a little baby. What would this mean?

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Really not sure about this no signing business. They didn't tnd to sign paintings. Sculptures though different thing.

There is a self portrait of MB in the Sistine ceiling or one of the big frescos. It's his face (adjusted) in the flayed skin of St Somebody. 

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