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Still Waters

A never-ending poem grows in the Netherlands

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Still Waters

Upon first glance, Oudegracht looks like any other brick-lined street weaving through Utrecht, Netherlands. Flanked on one side by a canal and storefronts on the other, the thoroughfare bustles with pedestrians and cyclists in the early morning hours as they go about their business—but what sits underfoot is what makes this street truly unique.

Since 2012, a team of poets has been creating a never-ending poem, which is embedded into the cobblestones lining the street. Called De Letters van Utrecht, the “social sculpture” is constantly evolving and continues to expand every Saturday afternoon when one of 22 stone carvers from a local guild chisels a single letter into the stone.


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This reminds me of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's works a bit. Although this would be considered more of a permanent and smaller scale project in comparison. Awesome either way.

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