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Still Waters

Mysterious sea creature washes ashore

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2 hours ago, MysteryMike said:

I doubt it's the case as much as I want it to be but it definitely looks like it could be some plesiosaurid. :o

That is true, if you have a faulty pop-culture image of a plesiosaur in your head. If you know what plesiosaurs actually look like then this corpse isn't so similar.

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Still Waters



This Washed-Up Sea Creature Was the Work of Viral Hoaxer Zardulu

the unidentifiable corpse was apparently a taxidermied shark with added papier-mâché elements, left on the shore at the order of Zardulu, the mysterious New York–based artist and self-identified "myth-maker" 

But like much of Zardulu's handiwork, the sea creature wasn't justan attempt to shock people. She explained to me over Twitter that the piece, "Ketos Troias," is actually based on an Ancient Greek myth, a recreation of the sea creature Ketos, who Heracles slices open with a fish hook.



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Not a terribly surprising outcome.

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