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Lucid Science

The Super Intuitive Language of the Tarot

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Lucid Science

The Super Intuitive Language of the Tarot and A Life that Craves Good Authorship

The Tarot Device is fluid and lucid, a device that gives us insights into strategies that we can utilise and mould into our own future paths as once before not known. This is the exciting psychic empowerment uncovered through the reading of the well known Tarot.

One primary form of tarot reading is Self-Reading and we approach this Psychic tool with an aim for the truest personal empowerment. Let’s not expect hard and fast prophecies or predictions as we know that our futures are so intangible and non-fluid, but let’s explore and discover what tools we need in shaping our very own present lives and our futures.

Our lives are being written as we move along and we discover these super empowering tools at our disposal to lift our Insight and carve our surroundings in ‘A Life that Craves Good Authorship’.

Every tarot reading has value regardless of either beginner, intermediate or well experienced status. It is a tool for shifting the unknown into the known, our subconscious into our conscious. We alter our thoughts and our consciousness toward intangible and ultimately piece by piece our lives change toward the desired shape we want. All this super empowerment comes from taking the first steps, and these first steps are the opening up to these new psychic abilities we all share.

We all have our own unique traits and abilities that we shine at more than others. Our own unique visions, insight and listening abilities. Tarot reading is no different, we discover as we go along – personal gifts that can stand out and be utilised a tad more than others.

We quiet the mind and we find our zone, our achievement in this is meditation. We need to leave the zone of our many everyday concerns in life such as letting go of the outside world while we tune into the power of our subconscious. The more we learn to do this the more we learn many other skills that come with this. One of these super empowerment skills is intuition. The huge array of levels of intuition we tap into expands when we only start to shut out the outside world. This is not unlike the analogy of have two radios going at once at the same volume but different stations. Once we finally realise that if we turn off one, we finally achieve the clarity we were listening for all along. This is a meditative side-effect and the more we practice this the more naturally the intuition will come.

Everyone needs rejuvenation in our lives and even those of us well seasoned tarot readers can benefit hugely from re-approaching this super empowering life skill from a beginner’s viewpoint. Embrace the journey over and over, rediscover areas and new skills never quite experienced before as we step up and tune in to the Super Intuitive Language of the Tarot.

Lucid Science




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