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Captain Risky

Native American artifacts found

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Captain Risky

Thousands of Native American artifacts unearthed in Camden archaeological dig

Nearly 10,000 Native American artifacts — a rectangular ceramic vessel, tool fragments, arrowheads, and other projectile points — have been discovered at two archaeological excavation sites in Camden.


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This is my folks. The tribal ossuary for this sub-tribe (the Armewamax) is just over the bridge in Gloucester City. That was partially looted and unearthed long ago. 

This site is Middle to Late Archaic from the look of the points, and square pottery vessels are Late Archaic-Early Woodland. The most complete one is at the Cumberland County Prehistory Museum where I served as "Token Indian".  This site also represents various migrating group some who probably did not speak a Algonquian Language. 

  On a side note. Square pottery vessels were buried on site by the migrating bands so they didn't have to carry it from place to place. It was also filled with stone tools associate with food processing.

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