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Elongated Skulls / Why ?

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Peter Cox
11 hours ago, kmt_sesh said:

Dem rats is smart.

hahah - there is that sense of humor. 


Ratex is the answer.

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On 4/29/2018 at 5:35 PM, kmt_sesh said:

Dem rats is smart.

Chuckle! Quite so. One could reasonably speculate that problem solving ability is associated with some manner of critical thinking. Which results a number of less than flattering comparisons.


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This is interesting.


One modern theory is cranial deformation was likely performed to signify group affiliation,[22][24][25] or to demonstrate social status. Such motivations may have played a key role in Maya society,[24] aimed at creating a skull shape that is aesthetically more pleasing or associated with desirable attributes. For example, in the Nahai-speaking area of Tomman Island and the south south-western Malakulan (Australasia), a person with an elongated head is thought to be more intelligent, of higher status, and closer to the world of the spirits.[26]

Historically, there have been a number of various theories regarding the motivations for these practices.

It has also been considered possible that the practice of cranial deformation originates from an attempt to emulate those groups of the population in which elongated head shape was a natural condition. For example, Rivero and Tschudi describe a mummy containing a foetus with an elongated skull, describing it thus:

...the same formation [i.e. absence of the signs of artificial pressure] of the head presents itself in children yet unborn; and of this truth we have had convincing proof in the sight of a foetus, enclosed in the womb of a mummy of a pregnant woman, which we found in a cave of Huichay, two leagues from Tarma, and which is, at this moment, in our collection. Professor D’Outrepont, of great Celebrity in the department of obstetrics, has assured us that the foetus is one of seven months’ age. It belongs, according to a very clearly defined formation of the cranium, to the tribe of the Huancas. We present the reader with a drawing of this conclusive and interesting proof in opposition to the advocates of mechanical action as the sole and exclusive cause of the phrenological form of the Peruvian race.[28]







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