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Need some advice

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Hi I'm hoping somebody can help me out.  Im very excited and have always wanted to go to New Orleans!  I find it so fascinating with the history and spiritual aspect.


So I have an upcoming trip booked at the end of May and in the last few weeks have been seeing things everywhere that has to do with New Orleans.  Literally every time I turn on the tv, there is a show taking place in New Orleans, or someone on a random show will have a conversation regarding New Orleans, movies being based there, etc.  Seriously every time I watch something on tv it relates back to New Orleans even if it is not a show about the place.  Its never anything bad but just always mentions it. 


Also, just found out a coworker is heading there tomorrow for a week.  Is this all just a coincidence?  Could it be my spirit guides trying to tell me something?  I travel often and have never experienced anything like this. 

My husband has joked that its a spirit calling me in that direction.  I jokingly told him that's a huge stretch, that I'm significant enough for a powerful spirit to channel me like  that haha (I have had encounters with spirits before in our old house but that's another story and have been able to sense things from a very young age).  But just wondering if anyone has encountered anything like this or is just a random coincidence?

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It's probably because you've got your trip bouncing around your subconscious and you're looking for anything associated with it. That is if I am assuming correctly, that you are going to New Orleans? Right?

To put it simple. You're unconscious looking for and focusing in on subtle things associated with your trip. Which I do hope you enjoy.

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Not A Rockstar

Probably Xeno fish is correct and that is all it is. 

My first trip or two to NOLA was like you describe and really felt Important to me, hugely significant. It set off a lot of dreams and what seems to be a past life lived there, if you believe in reincarnation. I even met and reconnected with some of the people supposedly from that past life. It had its good points, but a TON of old drama and issues which had to be worked through. In the end, none of those people are friends in this life and I have moved on whatever it really was. If the dreams are to be believed I did not move on and dump them before and it cost me. They really had not changed much from the people I came to know too well in the dreams/past life(?). I have, though, at least enough to say no and walk away.

Maybe you have some old issues to close there, or just memories, or are just excited as Xeno says. He is a pretty smart guy. 

I am still not sure about reincarnation, despite a great many lives I seem to remember. Mostly because I really think we need to be focusing on this life, not past old history. But, the details were vivid, and the names checked out historically after some effort to hunt details, as did the story. Maybe a ghost told me his story :D . Or maybe it was me in a dumber time. Or maybe, I just needed a few more hurricane drinks and to forget about it all and just have fun.

Have fun on your trip. That is the best advice :).  You will love it or hate it, lol.

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I’ve noticed that if you’re focused enough on something, you’ll start seeing ties or direct relations everywhere. My Aunty (a clairvoyant) tells me this is because you’re so focused on it, you’re bringing it into your vibration and are more likely to see things like that. 

No hating, just what I’ve been told :) 

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