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Heads Lights

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I have been noticing some things lately and trying to make sense of it all. I have always been interested in the paranormal. Im always seeking answers. Seen two things i can remember as a child that was said to be my imagination. Yes i had and still do have a very keen vivid imagination with very vivid dreams. I am also very very afraid of the dark or what can come out of the dark ever since childhood.. i am 34 now. I research a lot of things i go through from a spiritual aspect. Like the “exploding head syndrome” which i read spiritually it has to do with the beginning of astral projection which i havenot done.. i used to have a lot of loud bangs with a bright flash that would wake me right out of the sleep i just fell into. I’ve heard two times ppl talk or yell without feeling like they were talking to me idk. Almost seemed like i intersected into someone’s conversation accidentally. Idk. The first was a mans voice n he was angry so i yelled out leave me alone n went to sleep. 

Well, besides what i’ve seen, felt through energy or dreamed even lucid dreams (so awesome), the other night i woke up in the middle of the night as i always do so often.. i was staring at my window coverings (vertical blinds) and saw, im my dark room with only a night light behind the tv, a big bright like 1 second flash andright after there was a loud bang frombehind our home seeming to come from another home behind ours across the alley way... ijust heard the dogs barking non stop right after the bang.. sort of sounded like a gun or firework which a lot of kids roundhere like to mess with. Could this be anything? Flash before the sound manifests?  No rainy weather and no lightning that week or day. Anything helps? 

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Not A Rockstar

What did your neighbors hear or see? It sounds real world to me, with the dogs going crazy. The light could have been flashlight or head lights or who knows what? Maybe someone was shot. 

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