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My mates and me have got permission to go back to a place we investigated some months back I did post somewhere about the place last time all we got was a couple of cold spots and that was about it plus the weather let us down.The person who owns it has kindly let us have access to the whole area this time so it a daytime reccie note any dangers like rotten floors anything laying about outside etc so fingers x'ed if the weather permits in the next week or two we'll do an all nighter ... plus I get to try my new spirit box out and my mate his thermal image camera and monocular

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A little update we went and done the daytime recce we've decided to leave it for a month or so because the building has a little owl nesting in a little recess just above the door and we don't want to risk disturbing them, on the plus side we did spend an hour or two watch large carp in the lake and one or two koi and got permission to have a go for them sometime .... bonus

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