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I'm Clairsentient?

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Hi All,


This is so strange for me to type. I never imagined I'd be in this situation! So a few days ago I had a reading done over the phone. Immediately I was told "You know you're Clairsentient don't you?". I never knew that this was a thing but what I have known from childhood is that I've been able to just have this 'knowing' feeling in some situations. It's different to a gut feeling. I just know it. I've told friends and family members "I don't know why but I just know, I just know" and obviously no one knew that this was a psychic ability so advice wasn't always taken. I've had dreams for years where I'm telling someone to not do something, they do it, and they end up dying - is this related to my frustration in not being heard in these 'knowing' situations?


I guess I just really want to embrace my clairsentience. I want to do good with it. I want it to be stronger and I want to understand it more and be able to differentiate my feelings from someone else's. I want to be able to trust myself more, get into my heart and out of my head. Any advice?

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Not A Rockstar

Hi Tam, welcome to UM.

Get used to not being heard, and accept it. Free will rules in this world as to such matters and people judge sources of information based on the logic of it and their trust level. If you do want to be heard, you need to be known to care about them. That may buy you some room for them to hear what you say and think, "ok, maybe, it won't hurt to keep it in the back of my mind even if he/she is nutty". 

Only one person out there in the world knows this is true. A week before Katrina hit I knew how bad it was going to be. I got on the phone to a sister in my religion and told her and she packed her house and three babies up and moved to Atlanta. Her rented truck left as the rains started there. I loved her almost more than anyone else alive, but she was so shocked about the precision of a terrible vision I saw, some details I told her, including her house to its second floor rafters under water, that our friendship died as Katrina unfolded. It freaked her out too much. Bottom line, people fear this sort of thing. They claim to believe in it, claim to want it, but when they get it they run in fear. It is a rare person who doesn't worry about the potential of someone with gifts like that seeing their own secret sins, I have come to realize. But, she got out with her babies and did not drown so it was a win.

I cannot do this on demand or even much. It came the one time so intensely it burned my senses and I had to call her. Truth is I do not see it as a gift, it is a paradox that can hit anyone able to hear it in the moment it is going out, I think. I watched that unfold and railed at God why nobody could hear or know or be warned but my one friend who did believe me and knew me. I later watched her break the friendship and run, and accepted it and learned from it. It was painful and I was bleeding for a while emotionally and finally levelled out again. I have three real friends in life is all. I am rich that way. The rest are just people I love whether they stay or go. I do not depend upon them.

The ones meant to hear you will. The others, just let it be alright and move on. Meanwhile, care. Not enough love in this world. That is the good we all most need. Find your core strength in something other than people. That's all. Sorry for the length but this is what I was to tell you :).

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I have this trait as well I believe it should be innate in all of us but others just aren't grounded enough to listen to the instinct. Half the time I don' even listen to it, it' by regret that I've learned the importance of trusting in this instinct.

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