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Still Waters

Teachers in Pennsylvania get baseball bats

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6 hours ago, Sir Wearer of Hats said:

Yes it is. But than again,  your entire country was built on slavery, mine on attempted genocide. Doesn’t make those things right either. 

I’ve taught hundreds of children who I never struck in order to control. I’ve taught them to stand up for themselves with their words and their deeds. I’ve taught thrm to respect authority that they think deserves respect and I’ve taught them how to change that if they don’t like it, all without the resort to either violence or the threat of violence. I’ve taught them how to think for themselves and not blindly obey out of fear. 

Why does that scare you? Why does people refusing to blindly follow orders scare you? What drives you to resort to wanting to impose fear in order to impose control?

You think the world has gone to hell and kids are disrespectful? Maybe that’s because they don’t see the reason to be respectful because they’re not being respected, or maybe it’s because they’re just the same as they’ve always been and they’ve just gotten a platform to be heard being themselves.

You want to see children being respectful? Give them respect, show them trust. 

You want to see children following rules? Show them why the rules need to be followed.

You don’t need to smack a child in order to teach them right from wrong. You don’t need to smack a child in order to teach them not to touch a stove. Or to wear sunscreen. Or to listen to their parents. 



There is a precident to all that. Jesus Christ. He didn’t beat his followers in order to make them listen. He didn’t brawl with the Pharisees. He didn’t rant and rave. He didn’t advocate leading through intimidation. He didn’t 

you  confusing leadership, and punishment.  and  use  it interchangeably in your argument.  it's like apples and  oranges. invalidates your argument too.

no you do not have to beat the kid to teach him not to touch hot stove,  he will learn once and for all, when he gets burned,  sure  tell him not to 100 times, but it wont be as effective as 1 burn,  same with sun burn,

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