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Hello I am requesting a relationship reading.

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I would like to request a reading from someone regarding my wife and myself.  Back in early February she told me that she had decided to leave me. Much of the reason was due to the stress that my physical condition had been causing her. A psychologist called it care giver burnout. I have several auto immune diseases with the worse being the disease that causes my antibodies to attack my retinas. This has diminished my eyesight requiring me to go to a retina specialist and specialists for my other diseases.  She told me she knew this was not my fault and it was nothing that I had done but she was leaving me. Part of the side effects of the medication for my retina disease is neurotoxicity. It was poisoning my brain and nervous system. I had stopped taking the drugs a year ago yet the neurological condition still remained. So feeling devastated and having that feeling amplified by the neurological issues I went to the garage and hung myself. Apparently she called 911 since I was cut down before I could make good on my escape and taken to the hospital. So now I dwell in a crappy 1 bedroom apartment with outdoor stairs which I have fallen down 3 times so far due to my vision and my equilibrium being messed up. My wife still hardly speaks to me. She is going to Texas for a month or so to visit a friend from high school. She said that she would think about marriage counseling but that's about it.  So is there a psychic on the board that could tell me if we will be reuniting and if so the time frame? I'm not sure of what information would be needed about each of us so I'll wait and see if the time comes for that. Thanks

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