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Dust particles or orbs?

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I heard my 2 cats play fighting so i thought i would sneak up and record it. Upon inspection i can see what appears to be either dust particles or orbs flying about the room. I did see this in the screen as i was recording. 

The air con in the back was not on and the windows were closed. No bugs.

What ever they are, they seem to be moving pretty damn fast. Dust particles or orbs? If not that. What else? Opinions wanted please!


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To me it seems to be light reflecting a glass surface.

For example peoples wrist watches can do that alot and magnifying glass, just any light source, that reflect and bounces back on nearly any glass surfaces, onto another surface, in this clip it be the walls and ceiling.. 

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The trajectories were wrong for reflected light; there were no similarities. Reflections from any one object would be repetitive rather than random like that. It's hard to say if they were orbs because they went by fast and were hard to see. 

A/C and bugs aren't the only things that can be picked up as possible candidates. If it's very close to the lens, as these appeared to be by the depth of field, it could be a really small bit of dust just floating in the air. Real paranormal orbs have a physical quality to them. You can usually see parts of them affected by their own movement, like your own hair blowing as you walk along. 

I can't see enough to really form a definitive opinion on what it is. I  can only suggest what I think it isn't. 

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