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Doctor Stress

Closed eye TV reception

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Doctor Stress

For quite a few years, with no deliberate effort, I've seen very distinctive animated television pictures with my eyes closed.  This happens only mainly when I've been asleep for any amount of time and become fully awake before actually opening my eyes.  The small picture in the shape of a TV screen appears in the same way that "floaters" can appear in the eye's vitreous fluid.  A similarity is the picture can be straight ahead or to one side or the other.  If it's far to one side, straining to turn my vision in that direction also turns the picture, as with a floater.  The position of the picture seems to relate to the position of my head on the pillow.  About 90% of the time, the movie is a cartoon in full color with known cartoon characters.  A couple of times, it was a weather report with the map behind the meteorologist giving the report.  Another time or two, it has been some unknown movie, one of which was black and white.  Just within the past couple of weeks, two of the pictures had captions that changed with the picture.  In the last one a few days ago, I was able to see where the caption said "my son" and I noticed the cartoon seemed to be about Pinocchio, the puppet that transformed into a human.  If I keep my eyes closed, the picture usually will not last more than a minute or so.  If I open my eyes and reclose them, the pictures usually are gone and don't immediately reappear.  In real life, I almost never watch cartoons, and cartoons are never playing on a TV set in my home.  I'm intelligent, sane, and take no drugs.  I also thoroughly understand hypnosis and that is not involved here. Neither do I hallucinate.  I have advanced science degrees and a fair understanding of the functions of the human body.  It's obvious to me that, somehow, I'm actually receiving very sharp and consistent television transmissions in some part of the tissue in my eyes and those pictures are being relayed to my brain via my ocular nerves.  I experience no positive or negative emotions concerning these experiences.  I would just like to know how this takes place physiologically and if anybody else experiences it.

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