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My Thoughts on War

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My Thoughts on War

I've been in a war, and this is my assessment of it, though not everyone will agree with me in this.

In war, some one has to die. It could be you or it could be the next guy. It doesn't matter who. And whoever dies makes no difference to the war. You die or the next guy dies instead makes no difference to which side wins the war. The war goes on nicely no matter which one of you dies.

In this sense, war is very democratic. It's like voting. You might vote or the next guy might vote, but neither votes makes any difference who wins the election.

It's also like if the politician who gets elected starts a war and you or the next guy dies in the war, it makes no difference which one of you voted for that politician.

Everyone has an equal chance to be killed in the war. If it's the other guy and not you, you still have an equal chance to be killed instead of some other, other guy. And this some other, other guy also has the same equal chance.

This puts you in the position of hoping some other guy or some other, other guy gets killed instead of you. This kind of hoping really doesn't matter, because just hoping will not lessen the odds of you getting killed instead of him or him, although you may rationalize this by considering, as some one has to die, and it isn't you, maybe you're even with the war.

Of course, this isn't correct, because as long as the war continues your chance of getting killed is always equal to the other guy's chance.

The only way out of this predicament is not to have a war at all. The other way out of its, though not so good, is to keep from dying as long as you can, even though you're going to die anyway.

All this sounds fatalistic, but it's the best attitude to have in war, that you're going to be killed. In a peculiar way, it's the best attitude to have to survive. A sort of Catch 22. This way you're not worried and you can perform your duty without hesitation. If you hesitate, the enemy has the advantage.

This makes that politician who started the war in the first place feel satisfied, too, in that he has done his duty, through you without hesitation, as well.

It's a nice feeling, and everyone can sleep undisturbed by complicated thoughts. War is pretty simple in this way, as everyone just accepts it all, mostly, without complaint.

After all, it's the complainers who cause all the trouble in the world.








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and then

Or there's this logic, once that war begins...

Ronald Spiers: The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function: without mercy, without compassion, without remorse. All war depends upon it.


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Sad but its all about soldiers that made this world better to be thankful :(


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