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ease my mind here

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Hello, I have just found this forum.  Not really into this stuff myself for me its stuff better left not thinking about..

That being said I'm a real estate agent in an area where I will go in tons of houses, sometimes(not often enough) some old ones- for america anyway-, up to about 140 years old. 

My dream is to find that awesome old victorian house that doesn't look like any other and renovate it,  just too many places now the neighborhood all looks the same.


So on to the point, one house that is very near me was for sale really for the land 'value in the land' the house could be saved but at the price he is asking it need way to much work for me to do it. Entire side of boulder foundation is crumbling, roof/joists/attic you can see day so on and so forth, and that doesn't even start on the inside, wiring, pluming..Tons of money. 

but it is one of the favorite houses i have been in if i hit the lottery or something.  Anyway i take video walkthroughs for my wife to see on cool houses.  This is the outside




This past Feb i went in this house and watched the video , but i don't really talk in them so the sound is usually down. Its usually just me stomping and breathing or coughing.. So I did not notice this until today when i fired it up while looking through some videos and cast to my tv....with the volume up.

The house I doubt has had a visitor since the listing agent took the pictures last april of 17.  No one has lived there in a pretty long time. 

I walked through the entire house but only have video of the 1st and 2nd floor(full size attic and basement are left out).   I do get a creepy feeling, hairs standing up sometimes in older vacant houses so didnt think anything at the time but when I ascended the steps to the 2nd floor of this house, I remember it when I went form 'man cool house here too bad its so far gone' to 'ok i feel a little weird'.  In fact I noticed on the video I even made a post-shuddering noise once I was up the steps which reminded me.   

But you see the dead rat as I'm walking up the steps around the 3 minute mark and I start to hear things on this video.  This is a location where it cannot be neighbors.  500yds away is a busy road so you may hear car noises but someone in a neighboring yard would need to really be screaming to hear them in this house, this property isn't small and has a little empty carriage house on one side and a huge barn behind..  Maybe the wind.   

I swear I hear someone say 'help me' as i go up the stairs ..  once quiet right at the camera being on the rat, and one louder a few seconds after.   

One explanation maybe is the attic was beat, i mean beat. you could see daylight through many parts of it so maybe it was the wind playing tricks on me because it didn't stop at least when I was upstairs.

-disclaimer, as i said i dont really like this it creeps me out, so i did not go back and watch the whole thing with volume up again, i just listed to one particular part again to be sure it ws the video and not something live around me. 

here is the video, and like i said i start going upstairs around the 3 minute mark and just noriced this tonight.   if you are bored watch the whole thing to set the mood me and the wife were in when i noticed it.


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You answered your own query: old house, failing foundation, holes throughout...it's going to make noises. I hear nothing out of the ordinary. ;)

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trevor borocz johnson

ghosts can make creeking sounds if you ask them just right. That's how you can tell they are ghosts.

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Well, it sounds like kids voices at play or activity but not intelligible as words. It doesn't sound like just inanimate natural sounds to me. You said you are pretty sure there were no living kids in the environment at the time. I can't tell you for sure what it is but old houses are known to retain residual psychic energy that plays back at times. A quality psychic might be able to give you impressions for what you think that is worth.

But I wouldn't let any of this scare you off.

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