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Did I see a shadow person or something else?

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20 hours ago, OneCuriousPotato said:

Hi guys,

Firstly I'm new to this forum so please excuse if I do anything that I shouldn't or should do somewhere else (feedback is welcome)

So basically, I was in France maybe 4 years ago and I was staying in this old wooden apartment building that looked like a repurposed tall chalet. I was on the top floor and there was only one apartment, which I was staying in (obviously), except for a door that I assume lead to an attic. One night my father asked me to go to the room to grab something for him (he was at the pub with the rest of our group), I was only going in and out so I didn't turn on the light. As I left the room and began to head to the stairway down, which was between the attic door and the apartment I was staying in, I saw something I can only describe as a tall 3D shadow of a man walking very slowly towards me (possibly gliding I'm not too sure). When I say 3D shadow I don't mean silhouette, as I could see small details like the fact that the man was bald and shading (showing the curve of the head). The figure was darker than the pitch black of the floor.

Now I'm a bit sceptic so I don't know about this part, but, according to my mother her family has a long history of powerful mediums and I supposedly have always shown signs of sharing this gift. All through my life, I have had this strong gut-like feeling (I say gut-like because it feels like something more than just a gut feeling) and sometimes heard voices (when I'm falling asleep) warning me not to do something or to act in a certain way.

Anyway, as this figure slowly approached me I had this same gut-like feeling compelling me to slowly but confidently move back to the wall. At which point, I felt my arms fall back to the wall and be stuck there. I felt completely unable to move and I had chills all over my body. Just as the figure got, maybe, a foot away from me I got the same gut-like feeling commanding me to throw my arm through this figure. As I did this the figure vanished and I ran down the stairs.

Now I've spent the majority of my life trying to force myself to not believe in anything that had no empirical evidence/proof, that includes the supernatural (aside from a small part of me which could never be convinced). However, since this moment I have given myself over completely to accept the supernatural and have since had more experiences. I have done a huge amount of research and spoken to friends with similar experiences and discovered Shadow People. I am pretty sure what I saw that night was a Shadow Person except there are two huge discrepancies, from everything I have read, Shadow People move crazy fast and usually only appear when you are sleeping. If anyone can help me conclude if what I saw was a Shadow Person or help me with what else it may have been I would greatly appreciate.

I would also be incredibly thankful if anyone could recommend any reliable resources that could help me with further research into the supernatural. This could be anything; books, websites, podcasts or documentaries. 

Thank You again very very much.

Nah, people don't only see them during sleep paralysis type episodes, but that also happens.

They do move crazy fast and dissipate if you put a hand through them.

They're not "real" in the same sense as other things. 

I think we create them, like we do poltergeists, so the phenomena can easily be ousted.

Just do a simple banishment, something from your own belief system, or you can find the LBRP on youtube.


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On 4/23/2018 at 1:55 PM, OneCuriousPotato said:

I mean what I saw definitely was not the Hat Man as it didn't have a hat on for sure, I'm not aware if there was any clothing on its body as I didn't check haha, but would you say I saw a Shadow Person from the description I gave?

From your description and based on information shared by others,  I would say yes.

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