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Real demons

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Jordan B Peterson said something that stuck me.  If 10% of a person is bitter and resentful and you get 10 such individuals together in a room then there's a full blown demon prowling around their midst.  The thought I have is can this literally be the case?  There is nothing that suggests a demon has to be a physical entity.  There are experiences I've had over my life, as a child I literally saw things in the dark at night however I put that down the hypnogogic hallucinations.  However since then, when in the midst of psychotic break down, people appeared to me as zombies walking around.

My recent weariness was spring due to the fact that I find it difficult to conceptualise malevolence, full blown malevolence.  I feel somewhat naive in following my thinking down to their roots regarding good and evil, I know things aren't as simple as that but the archetypical idea is sufficient to illustrate what I mean.

In philosophy Socrates has to say the only good is knowledge and the only evil ignorance, or something along these lines.  It makes sense that we aren't conscious of demons, or have to be ignorance of them however what do you think?  Are there entities we aren't conscious of that drive and influence out actions under group mentality?  So much so that they could eventually possess one of us completely?

Could a thing like this where something like exorcism spawned from?  People literally becoming possessed by demons lurking in the darkest corners of their souls? 

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