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2knocks on car window at night around 2am

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Hi i n my friend were in the car at around 2:16am in the night... i was recording a video on my snapchat.. n friend was using his phone... we just came home n were parked outside the house.. suddenly we both heard 2 knocks on the car window of passenger side door..  first i thought that friend did it but he asked me who was it.. n i told him it was u dont lie.. but he was serious... n knock soound was real we both heard it.. as i was recording the video.. we played it again.. n the knock was clearly heard... we both got scared n came out of the car quickly... but as friend closed his door he exprrienced as if someone was stoping him to close the door...after that we ran to house real scared.. we searched the net.. but no help was found so decided to post this story here if anyone know something on this topic please share..

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