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Need Help! Please.

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Hi all. This is going to be long but if you could help me out I’d appreciate it a lot! 

Since I can remember I’ve always felt different & over the last bunch of years things have gotten odd. I can pick up & feel people’s emotions the second I enter a room, I even get it through text. Sometimes when I pick up an object I can feel it’s energy & where it’s been. When I have a shower and I’m in deep thought the shower goes freezing cold all of a sudden & it brings me back. (I usually have a hot hot shower), can’t be pipes or a fault because it doesn’t happen to anyone else at all. 

Theres been a few times where time goes slow.... my heart pounds, my breathing changes and I feel that something either good or bad is going to happen. (Usually bad). 

For example... I had an overwhelming feeling that couldn’t be described... I said something bad was going to happen and during the night one of my friends killed themself. 


The other night it was worse, it felt like I couldn’t breath and I was going to throw up...and I nearly died that night....the same with 3 other people. (Car speeding because of car accident).

Idk what’s going on... I feel crazy and bad, does anyone know what they call these psychic “abilities”. If it even is that. 


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It emotional anxiety. Not psychic abilities. 

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Emotional anxiety? Please explain further. :) 

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