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Sacred Geometry Meditation Experience???

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So i started meditating this morning and i imagined myself opening up (almost like peeling my skin back from the center and opening) starting at my toes and going all the way up to my head and a golden light pouring out of me and flowing back into me in a continuous flow and chanting aham remasme. (i am the universe) While looking into the light of my eyelids i started to see a black tunnel type deal and then all of a sudden i started seeing all these shapes and forms going really fast in black and white and i could no longer see myself in my mind but i could see the shapes and in a weird way feel them almost as if they were me and after a few minutes of that i ended my meditation and when i opened my eyes everything was very vibrant and i could see these little white specs or circle clear things everywhere. this was a very amazing experience but also very different but it did something to me. i felt an immense peace and connectedness and being and i would like to know what this all means if anything and also ive experienced these shapes throughout my whole life here and there but mainly only before i go to sleep. can anyone please explain what i am experiencing?

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