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Kim Jong Un wants summit at Chuck E Cheese

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The North Korean nuclear bomb test site had been seriously damaged by repeated use. It's not clear that it could have been used again, anyway. There is a great deal more needed in a nuclear weapons infrastructure than a single, replaceable, test site, of course-- nuclear reactors, bomb-making factories, multiple, huge centrifuges to refine the nuclear material, rocket factories, mines, etc. Nothing specific has been said about dismantling any of these.

I'm glad for the three released prisoners, their families and friends, but similar prisoner releases from North Korea have been managed before, without all this fuss and feathers. It appears that a real opportunity for progress with North Korea may have been lost, due to Trump administration figure John Bolton's careless talk, and the insensitive staging of U.S./ South Korean war games at this crucial time.     

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16 hours ago, bison said:

John Bolton's careless talk,    


I think it was deliberate not careless..... sabotage



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