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Mental Health Thread

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All psychotherapists have a lot to learn, even the most experienced ones.

Years ago I was seeing a therapist who, at the time, didn't have a lot of experience as a shrink.  But I thought she was very good at it despite that.

She was telling me that although she received a good education back in college and in post graduate school, she had a lot to learn because of her inexperience.
I told her that's true of all therapists, even counselors who've been at it for over twenty years.
Psychology is such an inexact science, which is why I think that even the best and most experienced therapists have a lot to learn.

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'Walt' E. Kurtz
On 2018-05-08 at 10:48 PM, XenoFish said:

Last time I went to therapy I was telling her how to do her job.

And now she's having theraphy :-)

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Who's higher functioning?

Some people with mental illness are disabled (not all but some).  Maybe they can't work at a paying job full time, for example.  Or maybe they can't live in their own apartment without extra assistance.  Their's certain things they can't do.  

However, a lot of those who are disabled do the best they can with what they have.  They try hard to achieve realistic goals.

Then their are others who aren't disabled but don't do the best they can in life.
So who's higher functioning; a person who is disabled but does the best they can, or someone who isn't disabled but doesn't do the best he or she can?
I think, in a way, the person who is disabled but does the best he/she can is higher functioning than someone without a disability yet doesn't do the best he/she can.  After all, doing the best they can is more commendable, even if they are disabled, even if they're limited as to what they can and can't do.

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