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Brad Steiger dies, as well as "Eric Norman"

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The well-known investigator of monsters, mysteries, Fortean phenomena, UFOs, the Heaven’s Gate cult, conspiracies, and so much more, author Brad Steiger, 82, of Mason City, Iowa, died on Sunday, May 6, 2018, at the Muse Norris Hospice Inpatient Unit, according to the Major Erickson Funeral Home. (For more on Mason City, please see, Twilight Language ~ “Mason City: Brad Steiger, The Music Man, The Day the Music Died, and the Griffins.”)

Steiger was born as Eugene E. Olson on February 19, 1936, at the Fort Dodge (Iowa) Lutheran Hospital during a blizzard. He grew up on a farm in Bode, Iowa. He identified as Lutheran until the age of eleven, when a near-death experience changed his religious beliefs. His parents encouraged him to become a teacher. He graduated from Iowa’s Luther College in 1957 and the University of Iowa in 1963. He taught high school English before teaching Literature and Creative Writing at his former college from 1963 to 1967..



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I have his book 'Real Ghosts,Restless Spirits and Haunted Places'.  He was certainly interesting.

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