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Harvard startup wants to reverse aging in dogs

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Huh. Now that's interesting.

Looking forward to further research...

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The thing is that if they are successful which is a slight possibility, the research would be stopped. I don't believe any government would allow this kind of research to go forward if it showed real promise. It would in all likelihood be researched secretly.

There have been a spate of cancer doctors/researchers that have all of a sudden found themselves dead over the last several years because they seemed to have figured out some sort of a cure or start to a cure. You can duckduckgo and research it yourselves. Some as recently as a week or so ago. I don't think they will make the same mistake they made with antibiotics.

I am absolutely positive that any dog owner would tell you that they would love to see their best friend live as long or longer then an avg. human life span. In good health of course.

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This may not be a good idea. We already have too many people on this planet to feed and the cost to the health system would be too much for a government to handle. Also, would everyone be entitled to live this long or just the elite?

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Just the elite seriously that would just in terms of funding, I don't see there being any question of that.

But I wish my dog could have lived a lot longer I miss him terribly even though i have new dogs.

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