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The Girl Who Ate Fairy Food

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In 1696, the English printer Moses Pitt wrote a peculiar letter to Edward Fowler, Bishop of Gloucester, detailing the old case of a woman named Ann Jefferies. Some five decades earlier, when Moses was a boy, Ann worked as a servant girl for the Pitt family. At the age of 19, Ann allegedly came into contact with fairies and developed healing powers. While she had her supporters, Ann’s claims caused a scandal, and ultimately led to trouble with the law.

According to Moses, the story began on a day in 1645, when Ann sat knitting in the Pitts’ garden in the little village of St. Teath. As Ann sat there, minding her own business, six little fairies dressed in green suddenly flew over the garden hedge. I’d imagine most people would be delighted to spot fairies, but Ann was so frightened by the sight that she fell into convulsions.



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Carlos Allende

I'm with Jan Tregeagle, to be honest. No one likes a dogooder. And I happen to know that Fairy Bread just tastes like wonky Lidl fruit loaf.

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Posted (edited)

I once tried at one of the  old Albion fairs it was the Moon fair only it wasn't bread it was some very odd Mushrooms

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c*** up
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Interesting read.  I love reading about an account(real or not) by someone alive back then.

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